What one party should be done when goes astray to the rule

There is some form of the punishment that one party should be done by the other when it goes against the expectations from the setup. This form of punishment is clearly indicated also in the solemn agreement of the covenant. This is to help the people involved to be much adhered to the rule given and to maintain law and order among the participants that is the two parties and eventually among the people of the whole world. This will help to create the law, order and also the justice among the people of the whole world thus establishing the aspect of maintenance to the people of the whole world and the world itself. When one party has gone astray to the expectations required by the other party, the punishments to before that particular party will be as indicated in the covenant. The punishment cannot be behold what the covenant states or what is indicated in it. The punishment may be in form of the money or any other wealth as a fine. The money also cannot be the form to make someone poor that is cannot be the money which is extra than the required or as indicated and agreed in the covenant and as discussed by the two involved parties.

The punishment can also be the form of being dismissed from the program and lack the services of being served even if the risk has taken place. The punishment should be a form of correction and not the form of destroying the involved person. It should also not be the form of making someone inferior but the act of making that particular person fell the part of the setup. It is a must for one to be punished without any discrimination or one getting punished and the other does not get punished. Fairness must be observed.